Ten stocks for ten-year olds

The Moneyweb Investor spoke to three investment managers to get their views and recommendations on what to buy if you were buying stocks for your ten-
year old.

They include Andrew Dittberner, CIO at Cannon Asset Managers; Delphine Govender, CIO of Perpetua Investment Managers, and Matt Brenzel joint CIO at Cadiz Asset Management. In thinking around investments that could be recommended for a ten-year old, a number of factors have to be considered.

These include a very long investment horizon, which allows for one to put volatility and cyclicality to the side, as well as wanting to identify companies that have proven to have figured out the key ingredients of success, which incorporates agility, absorption and reinvention, says Andrew Dittberner.

Investors should also take the time to understand what it is the company does and whether this makes sense as a business, adds Delphine Govender.

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