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 Perpetua Perspectives Winter Edition 2021

By Perpetua Investment Managers

Who can believe that we have reached the half way mark of 2021? Time really flies when you’re in the midst of a global pandemic; shifting to different lockdown levels; bracing for the COVID-19 third wave and trying to manage vaccinations, preventing infections and managing expectations. This week the pandemic was de-escalated on our radars as our country and specifically Kwazulu Natal experienced devastating riots and looting which brought us all to a standstill either literally or emotionally as South African citizens. It is a reminder of the fragility of certainty but also the power of community.

As we reflect and cast our view to markets over the past quarter, the global equity markets returned a positive 7.5% for the MSCI ACWI (USD), largely driven by energy and financials in the second quarter of 2021. On the domestic front, SA Equities posted flat total returns in the second quarter. While SA Financials produced strong performance, SA Industrials performance was fairly muted.

We trust and hope you enjoy the read!

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