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Mastering insightful investing

Bringing mastery & insight together

Investing with clarity, conviction and discipline, we are rooted in the pursuit of investment insight and continuous excellence for our clients. As stewards of capital entrusted to us, we take a long-term approach to ensure alignment and impact.



We embrace a mindset that challenges conventional wisdom grounded in our belief in our robust processes and proven approach. We are committed to striving for excellence in all aspects of our performance, conduct and engagement.



We are anchored in honesty and transparency. We prioritise building trust and establishing authentic relationships. Our communication is clear, direct and thoughtful.



We are committed to realistic promises and relevant, helpful feedback through all seasons. We are dedicated and steadfast in our commitments and remain firmly resolved to work through challenges and adversity.

Our investment

Our investment philosophy is centred on the bottom-up, fundamental research of investments. We seek out mispriced, undervalued investments and invest with a long-term and patient view.


Our investment process ensures we invest according to the convictions of our research with an emphasis on mitigating permanent downside risk. We concern ourselves with doing what is right for the long-term, not simply what is popular for now

Perpetua SCI Equity Fund

The Perpetua SCI Equity Fund aims to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns relative to the market benchmark in the medium to long term by using Perpetua’s bottom-up research and stock selection, and high conviction portfolio construction within a defined risk-conscious investment process. The Fund is suitable for investors who are seek long term alpha generation from a strategy benefiting from strong stock selection while seeking to minimise permanent capital loss.

Risk Profile:

Our Annual Stewardship Report

December 2023

“Stewardship is the responsible allocation, management and oversight of capital to create long-term value for clients and beneficiaries leading to sustainable benefits for the economy, the environment and society.” 2020 Stewardship Code

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Mastering insightful investing

Perpetua is an independent, owner-managed investment management firm. We strive for excellence in performance, conduct and engagement and operate out of a purpose-driven culture.

We consistently employ a long-term investment approach that is thoughtful, rigorous and that doesn’t follow the crowd.

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